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This kind of zodiac has the reference point in the stars. The point 0 Aries is interpreted as the beginning of the sign Aries or the Nakshatra Aswini in the sky. Ayanamsa is the difference between tropical and sidereal zodiac. The actual value is about , i. There is a movement of the vernal point compared with the stars.

The speed of the movement called precession is given by Jet Propulsion Laboratoy Nasa as. Assumed that the precession is always constant, we get a total period of But we may get a different period if the precession is not constant and has long term fluctuations. Assumed that the precession given by astronomical ephemeris is correct, the key question for Ayanamsa calculation is to determine the correct Ayanamsa value for a given date reference date.

Reference date called t0 can be any date, most Ayanamsas refer to Jan 1 The following table gives these values for some standard Ayanamsas.

Jaimini astrology books pdf

The values are taken from swiss ephemeris. These values for Lahiri, Raman and Krishnamurti are also the built-in defaults of Maitreya. The astronomical model of precession asumes that the current movement of the vernal point is a constant motion. This model guides to a period of years until the vernal point returns to its initial point.

But this number can be wrong if the motion of the vernal point has long term fluctuations. Such an effect may be caused by unknown galatical phenomenons or fluctuations in gravitational fields. Can be configured in the configuration dialog, see Ephemeris. Sri Yukteswar exposes his view about the yugas and the movement of the vernal point in the first chapter of his illustrious book The Holy Science Kalyana Darshanam.

According to the Holy Science the period for the movement of the vernal point is 24, years. Sri Yukteswarji combines the movement of the vernal point with the theory of the Yugas. According to his view Kali Yuga's duration is years ascending and descending each , and the start of ascending Kali Yuga begins when the vernal point is 0 Aries.

Dwapara Yuga follows and has double duration, each Treta Yuga has years and each Satya Yuga years. First method of emulation is to take a fixed start date with known Ayanamsa and use the astronomical period. This is what the Sri Yukteswar Ayanamsa of swiss ephemeris does. Disadvantage of this method is that long term predictions are not correct because the period is wrong. Second method is to take again a fixed start date with known Ayanamsa, but to use the period of 24, years given by Sri Yukteswar.

This kind of calculation can be configured in Maitreya. This method is a mix of the above methods. It assumes that the current precession is correct but has sigificant fluctuations that lead to a total period of 24, years. The current precession is too slow to get a period of 24, years. So it must be near a minimum.

The speed must grow in later periods to get the desired total period. Possible positions for the minimum could be the point 0 Aries or the point in opposite to the supergalactic center i. It is possible to give mathematical equations for the 3rd method. A simple eliptic equation could be satisfiying for the first time. Investigations regarding long term Ayanamsa can be made taking old sources that rely on chitra paksha i. Lahiri ayanamsa. Most contemporary authors do not rely on old sources and pretend that they are not correctly calculated. This section gives examples for the influence of Ayanamsa on chart calulation and Dasa prediction.

His Holyness came into great diffculties when Tibet was occupied by the Chinese army in He lost his position and had to change his residence; many of his people died. Loss of residence is indicated by Moon and Venus in 12th house aspected by strong retrograde Saturn, Rahu in 4 and Sun lord of 12 afflicted by Ketu in This is a severe affliction.

Moreover Virgo is occupied by Mars, and the planets in the 12th house give inauspicious influence during the jump. At the time of mandukagama occurs, the death of a revered person or of one's parents may happen; or there may be danger from poison, deadly weapons, fire, fever or incendiary brigands.

The calculation of the Moon's longitude and Virgo Kalachakra Dasa according to different Ayanamsas is given in the table below. Lahiri Ayanamsa gives for Antardasas of Aquarius afflicted by Saturn and Capricorn Deha of the chart, therefore causing bodily pain. Calculation based upon configured year length, see Western Calculation. Kardinalpunkte drehen sich mit. Uranian astrology is a powerful tool for precise predictions.

Vedic Astrology Book App: Saravali Mod and Unlimited Money

It was founded about years ago by the german astrologer Alfred Witte - It is sometimes called Hamburg School Hamburger Schule. This is an axis reflection relative to the point q. Let Mercury be in 10 Taurus. The first line of the formula above can be writte different, but this is dangerous because there are always two midoint of a pair of points: the direct midpoint i. Western astrology uses a lot of aspects that are motivated by division of the circle by integer numbers.

Uranian astrology uses only powers of the number two, i. These aspects are motivated by the Earth Horoscope and related midpoints. Trines and Sextiles are treated as minor aspects.

Astrology Books Review ------ Abhigya

But they get special importance if two of them are combined. This kind of planetary picture occurs if two planet have the same distance to the Earth Meridian, i. Definition of Alfred Witte A sensitive point is the missing element of a non-symmetrically formed planetary picture that requires the point for the completion of its symmetry. Definition of Alfred Witte A sensitive point is the missing element of a non-symmetrically formed planetary picture that requires this point for the completion of its symmetry.

Planetary friendships applies in dignity evaluation if the planet in question is not in own sign, exaltation, debilation or Mulatrikona. Jupiter in Pisces and Moon in Virgo are temporary enemies because they are mutually in the 7th house. There are different opinions about calculation of temporary friends in higher Varga charts e. This option can be configured in Maitreya in the Vedic Calculation tab of the configuration dialog. There are 16 classical Vargas described in Parasara Hora Shastra. Several other Vargas are described in Jaimini Sutra.

Each Varga has a positive number as its division. The names, divisions and main significations according to Parasara are listed in the table below. But these rules cannot be applied to higher Varga charts. Hora is a word with several different meanings: it stands for astrological hour as well as for a part of astrology.

Hora means time. The Sanskrit word appears in ancient Greek and Latin language, too. The english word hour and ancient Greek hora are borrowed from these sources. Hora is the Varga of division two D Kalyana Varma's Saravali explains the word Hora as derived from Ahoratra. Ahoratra means the span between day and night. Removal of the first and last syllable from that word yields the word Hora. Day stands for the Sun, night stands for the Moon. The Sun rules the 12 zodiacal signs.

The Moon rules the 27 Nakshatras. So Hora is the science that deals with the 12 Rasis. That's what Saravali is about. There is no discussion of Nakshatras in that scipture. Details of Nakshatras have to be understood by other scriptures, while I narrate to you about the effects of Grahas and Rasis. Each day has 24 Horas in total. Day and night are both divided into 12 equal parts. Each of these parts is called a Hora and has a sublord.

The first sublord of the day is the weekday lord, i. The order of the sublords is relative to their period in descending order , see the table below. Each day has its lord. This is the natural order of the days in the week. The lords are listed in the table below. The time from sunrise to sunset is divided into 12 equal parts the day and 12 parts from sunset to next sunrise the night. The first Hora lord of the day is the day's lord. The other lords will follow in their order:. Saturn , i. So Moon is the lord of the year. So Jupiter is the lord of the month.

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Dina lord is the weekday lord of the ordinary calendar, i. Sunday's lord is the Sun, Monday's lord is the Moon etc. Nakshatras are the 27 resp. They are also called Lunar mansions or simply stars. Nakshatras are quite specific to Vedic astrology. The twelf zodiacal signs are related to the Sun. Nakshatras are closer related to the Moon. The full power of Vedic astrology can only be achieved when both systems - Rasi and Nakshatra based - are used in combination.

Nevertheless it is written that there are 28 Nakashatras, but the 28th Abhijit is hidden in Kali Yuga. So methods that use the 28 Nakshatra system are supposed to be very old. Most important of these is Sarvatobhadra. Navamsa and Nakshatra Pada are the same. Navamsa is the bridge between zodiac Sun and the stars Moon.

This is a deeper reason why the Navamsa chart is so closely related to partnership and marriage. Each Nakshatra has a planetary lord used for Vimsottari Dasa and K. The years assigned to the signs are the Mahadasa durations of Vimsottari Dasa. Special Nakshatras are counted from the birth star.

These Nakshatras have special significations, e. Some techniques in Vedic astrology use the 28 Nakshatra zodiac having the star Abhijit between Uttara Shadha and Sravana. This page contains the Dasa Phala fruit or effects of periods according to Brihat Jataka. The text snippets are included in the Maitreya Yoga View. Rohini makes a man truthful, clean, following religious and moral principles, sweet in speech, fixed mind and handsome.

Plain and truthful, striken from sorrow through females, etc. Good and witty speaker in society and meetings, happy, many children and grandchildren, successful over enemies and charitable. Well- developed organs, popular, courageous, clean and wealthy. Nakshatra Dasas like Vimsottari use the position of the Moon to calculate the Mahadasas, Antardasas at birth time. This is known as one of the most fruitful attempts in Vedic astrology. Not only the Moon, but all planets are taken into account.

So all planets including house cusps are treated like the Moon, and their corresponding lords and sublords are calculated. These lords play an important role in K. But the approach of K. So we can get K. Special attention should be spent to the lords of planets that are not included in the resp.

Ketu is not included in Yogini Dasa, so his lords may be interresting indicators for Moksha during Yogini periods. The Upagrahas are also called the Apraksha Grahas. Their position depends only on the longitude of the Sun. The day time i. The first seven parts are assigned to the seven lords beginning from the lord of the week day see Hora. The lord of the eigth part can be assigned, too. Accordingly the night time i. Each of these parts can be assigned to a Kala Vela. Moon and Venus have no Kala Vela portion. Some people say that Mandi is identical to Gulika, others say that Gulika lords the eight portion.

Moreover the portion of the rising part plays an important role: the exact point of the Kala Velas in the zodiac can be the beginning, the middle or the end of the corresponding portion. Most astrologers take the beginning of the parts as reference for calculation. The zodiacal point of the Kala Velas is the ascending point at the time of the corresponding portion.

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Configuration of Kala Velas takes place in the Vedic calulation tab of the configuration dialog. Graha and Sputa Drishti are based upon the same rules. These rules will be explained in the following sub sections. These rules are summarized in the table below. Advantage of Graha drishti are simple calculation and the fact that it can be applied to all higher Varga charts.

Sputa Drishti is defined for pairs of planets. It depends upon the aspectual angle Sputa Kona which is defined to be the angle between aspecting planet and aspected planet. Default planets not Mars, Jupiter or Saturn have a full aspect for angle and a 75 percent aspect for angle Jaimini astrology defines the Chara Karakas. These Karakas depend on the planetary positions in the horoscope.

Out of these Karakas, Atma Karaka is the most important and has a prime say on the native, just as the king is the most famous among the men of his country and is the head of all affairs and is entitled to arrest and release men. BPHS In Chara Karaka calculation only the traversed longitude of the planets in their specific sign is considered. So the planet with the highest longitude in his sign is Atma Karaka, the second Amatya Karaka etc.

Rahu is always considered in reverse manner: the order of Rahu depends upon the distance from the end of his sign because Rahu is a regrograde planet. Raman and Shastri use only the seven planets for Chara Karaka calculation. Dara Karaka is missing in this system.

My date of birth astrology in tamil

Arudha Padas are one of the most important features in Jaimini astrology. Each house of a chart has its Arudha Pada as a second point of influence. The rule for Arudha calculation: count so many signs from the lord of a sign as the lord is away from the basic sign. Example: Second house is Capricorn, Saturn is in Pisces. So the distance from the underlying house Cp to Saturn is 3 signs. Count 3 signs from Pisces, so Taurus will be the Arudha of the second house.

So Rahu must be taken as lord of Aquarius if Rahu is stronger than Saturn. Rule: if the lord of the house is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house, 4 houses must be deducted from the result. This rule can be configured in the configuration dialog vedic calculation tab of Maitreya. As because of sinful deeds, committed by people in Kaliyuga, their minds have become blunt, be kind enough to describe a method, which would enable even the shallow minded persons to ascertain their happiness and sorrows and determine their longevity on the basis of the positions of the Grahas in transit.

BPHS ch 66 sl This chapter is not an introduction to Dasas. It is meant as comprehensive summary of their main properties and calculation basics. Most appropriate for general purposes is Vimsottari Dasa. Yogini and Kalachakra Dasa are frequently used, too. Other Dasas are more difficult to use and often have conditions for their applicability.

Beginners should not use these Dasas until they have enough experience in Dasa prediction through Vimsottari, etc. Details can be found if you follow the links.

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  • This section is devoted to the calculation Dasa Balance. Dasa balance is used to determine the elapsed time of the first Mahadasa at the time of birth. The Dasa balance is calculated according to the time the Moon has spent in the birth Nakshatra at the time of birth.

    We must know the time of entry into birth Nakshatra and the time of entry to the next Nakshatra. The time of birth has to be taken as proportional value in relation to the total time the Moon spends in the birth Nakshatra. This value must be between 0 and 1 0 if the birth takes place near the beginning of the Nakshatra, etc.

    This value must be multiplied by the total time of the first Mahadasa to get the elapsed time. Male birth at July 6 , AM local mean time. Universal time of birth is AM. Moon's position is 20 37'00" leo Lahiri Ayanamsa. Birth Nakshatra is Purvaphalguni. First Mahadasa is Venus. This method is quite simple because it doesn't require the entry times of the Moon.

    It is therefore most frequently used by astrological software. The Dasa balance is calculated according to the longitude of the Moon in the birth Nakshatra at the time of birth. Let the longitude of the Moon in birth chart be lb, start of Nakshatra l1, end of birth Nakshatra l2,. This value has to multiplied by 20 total period for Venus. So the elapsed time is 10 years 11 months 3 days. The rest of the Dasa will take 9 years 0 months 27 days.

    Remark This example shows only a smooth difference of results. But the difference between these two methods may be larger, say days. This Dasa is extensively described in Parasara Hora Shastra and is called the supreme Dasa of Vedic astrology together with Kalachakra. It is a strange fact that some supreme classical texts Saravali, Brihat Jataka do not mention this Dasa at all.

    Vimsottari is a Nakshatra Dasa that is based upon the position of the Moon in her Lunar mansion. Each Nakshatra has a planet or Node as its lord. There are in total 9 lords. Each of the lords has a fixed period of influence. The total period is of years. Calculation of Dasa balance is described in the chapter above. Antardasas are calculated according to the proportional values of the lords. Antardasas begin with the lord of the major Dasa. Each lord has a propotional time of influence. Example: The Moon's Dasa is of 10 years.

    Each Antardasa contributes the same proportional value as indicated by the portion of the Mahadasas. Yogini Dasa is another important Dasa of Vedic astrology. It is most frequentlty used in North India. It is similar to Vimsottari a Nakshatra Dasa that is based upon the position of the Moon in her Lunar mansion. Each Nakshatra is assigned to a Yogini. Each Yogini has a corresponding planet or Node. There are in total 8 Yoginis.

    Sanskriti Press

    Ketu does not play a role in this Dasa. The total period of Yogini Dasa is 36 years. Antardasas must be calculated similar to the Antardasas of Vimsottari Dasa. So the lord of the Dasa is the first Antardasa lord and has a proportional duration, etc. Influence of Yogini depends strongly upon the natural character of the Yogini. So bad Yoginis result in difficult periods and vice versa.

    Strength of the planets is important, too. But strength has not the same influence as in Vimsottari. These Dasas have conditions for their applicability. So they are only applicable to specific charts. Other conditions are not so restrictive. The conditional Dasas should only be used in combination with standard Dasas like Vimsottari and Kalachakra. Please see the next pages for details. Experience shows that one Dasa alone cannot give sufficient results. Altough the major Dasas Vimsottari, Kalachakra and Yogini often give surprising results, there are situations in which a single Dasas of these three will lead to wrong predictions.

    Combination of Dasas is good solution to get out of this problem. Main question is: how to combine these influences? First approach for prediction in Dasa combination is the quantitative approach. This method assumes that each of the Dasas in the combination has a proportional influence on the native's life.

    It follows that one dasa's influence on a particular house just gives a hint that the indicated results may happen. Two such influences give a stronger hint, so the results are quite likely to happen. Three such influences make the astrologer sure that the events will take place. But life is not so simple. Most charts have different and contradictory influences on the particular parts of the native's life. Moreover there may be different qualities of Dasa influences. The scriptures give a quite unsatisfying answer to this question: they say that the results will be mixed.

    Mixed results can mean this or that. Mixed influences on the 4th house can mean that the native's mother will die, he buys a new house and will have a severe accident with his car. Or it means that his mother is well disposed, his house burns down and he buys a new car. The quantitative approach may be helpful in some cases, but cannot give us satisfying answers to the question of ambivalent influences.

    About the Name

    But so far we have assumed that all Dasas have the same character. The second approach is based upon the character of the Dasas and the manner they take influence on the native's life. Kalachakra determines the main streams of our lifes. This Dasa doesn't say much about the details of our life. Vimsottari Dasa gives a high level influence of the qualities of the corresponding planets in the chart. So vimsottari makes the events happen that are indicated in the chart. Yogini Dasa has a high influence of the corresponding Yogini. The dignities and chart positions of the planets are not so important as in Vimsottari but don't forget!

    Kalachakra wheel of fortune is one of the most important Dasas of Vedic Astrology. It is very powerful although difficult to handle. Nakshatra Dasas Vimsottari, Yogini prove to be very powerful. But there is another aspect in Vedic astrology that has big influence: the Navamsa. Navamsa chart closes the gap between Rasi and Nakshatra chart because Navamsa is the same as the Nakshatra Padas. The magical number connects Rasi and Nakshatra charts. Kalachakra is like Vimsottari and Yogini a Nakshatra based Dasa that depends on the position of the Moon in her Nakshatra.

    But Kalachakra is the only Navamsa based Nakshatra dasa. The former tells us that he appreciates Kalachakra as even supreme to Vimsottari Dasa. Each Nakshatra of the zodiac gets 9 different steps of the chakra. There are two main step directions of the chakra: direct and reverse motion. The first is called Savya , the second is called Apsavya. Savya and Apsavya Nakshatras build groups of three. The following shows the results of the table above in reverse logical order, i. Nakshatras are shown in their groups. Paramayus is the maximum span of one cycle of the Kalachakra. Paramayus means also maximum span of life.

    There are 4 types of Paramayus: 83, 86, 85 and years. These values depend on the birth Nakshatra and the Pada. The motion of the kalachakra procedes through the 12 rasis. So the normal gati will from aries to taurus etc. But Kalachakra is more complicated: there is a change of signs that depends on the ambiguity of the rasi lords. This movement can be compared with a planet having direct and retrograde motion. It is like a wheel that goes up and down, or like a pendulum. This chapter gives the complete Savya resp. Apsavya chakras. The tables contain Nakshatras and Amsas. Explaining the Chakras The Kalachakra motion procedes through the 12 Rasis.

    So the normal Gati will be from Aries to Taurus etc until Pisces is reached. Like a planet with direct and retrograde motion. Since the Paramayus is 85 years, we get a time portion of We deduct the Mahadasa times from this value until the last Mahadasa is greater than the portion. Total time of the current Dasa is basic for Antardasa calculation. Each Antardasa gets the proportinial portion as contributed be the duration of the Antardasa lord relative to Paramayus. Taurus Dasa has a total period of 16 years.

    Let birth be in the 3rd Pada of Aswini Chakra Savya. The Paramayus is 83 years. We get therefore. Antardasa sequence begins with the Mahadasa lord. Antardasa sequence proceeds until the last Antardasa of the corresponding Pada group is reached. Next Antardasa will be the first Rasi of the corresponding group.

    Let's assume again that birth took place in the 3rd Pada of Aswini Chakra Savya. Let Capricorn be the first Antardasa. See table. First Antardasas Capricorn to Gemini are marked yellow, second part is marked green Taurus to Aquarius. There are different opinions about what happens if the Dasa sequence reaches the last sign of the corresponding group Jeeva for Savya, Deha for Apsavya.

    Progressive method assumes that the Kalachakra moves from one Pada to the next if the Kalachakra reaches the end of one cycle. The following Mahadasas are Aries and Taurus. Now there is a jump to the third Pada of Mrigasira, i. More complicated are chart with the Moon in the last Pada of Nakshatra or a group of of Nakshatras. This method assumes that there is no change of Pada if the chakra reaches the last Dasa of a Pada.

    So the chakra will proceed in the same Pada. Let birth be in the 1st Pada of Mrigasira with Cancer Mahadasa. The subsequent Dasas will be in the first Pada, too. So the sequence will be Pisces Jeeva , Aquarius, etc. This method is nearly the same as the first method. But the difference is that at the end of the last Pada of a Nakshatra the chakra will proceed with the first Dasa of the same Nakshatra.

    Let birth take place in the 4th Pada of Bharani. Let Sagittarius be the first Mahadasa. So the chakra will proceed to the first Pada of Bharani, i. This method is sometimes applied in South India. Basic idea is that the cycle begins always in the first Dasa of a Pada. So there is no movement from one Pada to the next. Gatis Jumps are irregular motions of the Kalachakra. These jumps play a key role in the native's life. Manduka Gati happens when the signs Cancer and Leo not have the normal zodiacal order in the chakra.

    Markati Gati is the monkey's jump. This jump happens if the signs Cancer and Leo are not traversed in the regular order of the corresponding chakra. Simhavalokan Gati happens if there is a change of direct and reverse motion in the chakra. There are two jumps. The effects of the Dasa of the Rasis with Manduka Gati in the Savya Chakra are distress to friends, relations, parents and elders and there is likely to be cause for trouble from poison, weapons, thieves and enemies.

    In the Manduka Dasa of the Gati of a sign from Leo to Gemini there is the likelihood of the death of the mother or self, trouble from Government and possibility of brain fever. The app's intuitive user-friendly interface allows you to record symptomatic events, view past and upcoming transmissions and ensures that you stay connected with your doctor.

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    This is one of the things we always keep in store. Indian astrology daily horoscopes readings based onindian. Vedic Astrology works. It must be emphasized here that the studentmust read a good book and learn manual casting. Phala Jyotish InterpretiveAstrology - S. The Brihat Jataka Hora Shastra is the classic jyotishscripture written by the great Drekkana adhyaya;sanskara-vedic-jyotish; 1st-house-indian-astrology;. The Vedic astrology Jyotish.

    Suryanarain Rao was Raman's grandfather, one of themost esteemed Vedic astrologers of his day. In thepreface to the 16th last edition, Raman states that A.