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With the Moon in Gemini comes the pleasure in communicating and the desire to be popular.

One could call him a "communicator", the medium is not important. Libra-Ascendancy is in my opinion more the search for harmony and balance.

Usually, the owner of the horoscope is a coward, except when other factors counterbalance this. I think he was someone who loved to be seduced.


Horoscop zilnic pentru zodia Pesti | Horoscop si Numerologie | Astrology, Zodiac, Zodiac signs

But sometimes also not interested when it became too much. There will always have been dramas with women, sincle he probably tended to experience relationships in a very intense way. He gets a kick out of intensity, and usually you have the highest intensity in a fight. But he is also the lord and master in his house, someone who wants to be great, splendid, a man-about-town.

With a tendency to spend more money than he had.

Libra Horoscope

Something completely separate from this is the aspect of Saturn-Mercury-Uranus and Moon. Maybe this characterizes his life, that he swings to and fro - at one moment savouring his life, enjoying, initiating action and drama, full of vitality. What do you think the calling of this person was? A store in a small or medium-sized town.

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That would be the place where he started, maybe the surroundings he grew up in. But as a vital person who tends to maneuvre himself into extreme situations - existentially, but also in relationships, since he has the Moon in the 6th house - he could be a kind of war reporter, similar to Jack London. The question is, what kind of war? Maybe poverty.

Scorpio and gemini relationship horoscope

After all, it was the begin of industrialization. JLG: Okay, now we can give you some information: He really was a writer and active in the life reform movement, which was traditionally very strong in the USA. Then, of course, one see the hereditary aspects.

You know, you can also do a genealogy; usually the connections between planets - but often in different aspects - are passed on to the offspring. Chaney Horoscope -. Capricorn - Ascendancy Libra - Moon in Gemini "Although his mother said it was after midnight", the monograph claims that the information was gathered from various autobiographical accounts including Chaney's "Primer of Astrology and Urania" Tarnel Abbott Oh, well. This reading of a horoscope was done free of charge by the astrologer Hans-Peter Sauerwein, who offers a wide variety of astrological services.

The Horoscope of William H. Luni, 25 martie Simplu, feminin, optimi Anett Kontaveit — Bianca Andreescu , retragere Andreescu Canadianca a oprit la 10 seria de victorii consecutive.

Birthday Horoscope May 28th

O accidentare i-a venit de hac. Simona Halep 2 — Venus Williams , Simplu — turul III Dublu, turul II optimi S-a impus Bianca.

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